Welcome to the LCLD Connections newsletter! For those mentors new to the program, this newsletter is for all attorney mentors and student mentees participating the LCLD Law School Mentoring Program. In it, we share important program updates and highlights. 

The month of September signals the beginning of the semester for law school students around the country - to all LCLD mentees returning to school; Good Luck! And to all the new mentors who have signed on to be matched with a mentee this fall - Thank You and Welcome! LCLD is very excited to have all of you, mentors and mentees, involved in the Law School Mentoring Program.

 -Sarah Wintle, Pipeline Programs Manager


Reconnect with your Mentor or Mentee

If you have not done so already, I want to encourage you all to renew contact with your mentor or mentee as soon as possible. School is back in session and student schedules are filling up fast. Add to that the busy schedules of attorneys and time becomes limited for connecting with your mentor or mentee.  

Feedback LCLD received from the survey conducted in spring 2012 was overwhelmingly positive relative to the experiences of mentors and mentees. It is my hope that getting a meeting on the calendar for early in the semester will help continue what we heard were fantastic relationships.

p>If you've misplaced contact information for your mentor or mentor or mentee, please email Sarah Wintle.


Fall 2012 Individual Mentoring Program (IMP) Launch

The folks at LCLD have been working hard all summer to put together the pieces for a fall 2012 launch of the Individual Mentoring Program (IMP). To date, over 700 new mentors have enrolled in the IMP! LCLD is thrilled to add so many new attorneys to this great mentoring program. If you have a colleague(s) who you believe may be interested in participating in the program, please direct them to the enrollment page on the LCLD website and have them sign up. 

All newly enrolled mentors will be matched with student mentees over the course of the fall depending on the launch date (date when students may begin to register) for their city/region. Check the LCLD website for program launch datesand expect to receive information about your assigned student mentee 1-2 weeks following the launch in your city/region.   


Additional Cities Added for Fall 2012

The Individual Mentoring Program (IMP) launched in winter 2012 in 25 cities around the United States. This fall, LCLD is establishing the mentoring program in an additional 6 cities, including: Columbus, OH; Louisville, KY; Miami, FL; Phoenix, AZ; Raleigh/Durham, NC; and Seattle, WA.

If your law firm or corporate law department has offices in any of these new cities and you have colleagues there who may be interested in mentoring a student, please forward the attorney enrollment page to them.


LCLD 'Mentoring Tool-kit' Resources

In an effort to help guide mentors and mentees through their working relationship, LCLD is providing a number of mentoring resources. These resources may prove useful to both new mentors and mentees those who were matched in winter 2012.

Items in the Tool-kit include 'Mentoring Principles' which provide important information about the commitment required for participation in program. The 'Planning Template' is a very useful tool for mentors and mentees to fill out together and begin to set expectations for their work together. And finally, the 'Tips for Mentors and Mentees' and the 'Monthly Topics for 1Ls and 2Ls' may help to provide some general guidance for mentors and mentees now and moving forward.

I encourage all mentors and mentees to visit the 'Mentoring Tool-kit' in advance of their first meeting and throughout their work together. The guidance provided in these documents may go a long way in providing the structure required for a lasting mentoring relationship.  Click here to view the 'Mentoring Tool-kit'.


Group Mentoring Program (GMP)

In late February 2012, LCLD launched its Group Mentoring Program (GMP). As part of this program, attorneys from LCLD member organizations volunteer to host diverse 1L, 2L, and 3L students from local law schools for a group session where issues relevant to law students are discussed.

Nine GMP events occurred in spring 2012 and so far six have been scheduled for summer/fall 2012. 

  • Chicago, IL - August 14
  • St. Louis, MO - September 17
  • Houston, TX - September 26
  • Minneapolis, MN - October 10
  • Nashville, TN - October 10
  • Indianapolis, IN - October 16

For more information or to register to attend one of these events, visit the Group Mentoring section of the LCLD website. Be sure to check back regularly - new events are being added as they are scheduled!  


New Contact Information?

With close to 2000 individuals involved in the mentoring program currently and another 700 mentees set to join this fall, LCLD is constantly working to keep mentor and mentee contact information up-to-date. If you have updates to your contact information, especially an email address, please send it to Sarah Wintle. Likewise, for mentors, if you're planning a move to a new firm or corporate law department, please let us know so that we are able to keep you informed after your move!    



The LCLD Law School Mentoring Program at LCLD is still very new and as with any new program, there is always room for improvement. If you have suggestions, feedback, or if you just want to tell us how much you are enjoying your experience, email Sarah to let her know!