Greetings and welcome to LCLD's Law School Mentoring Program. LCLD is thrilled to have made over 700 matches of mentors and mentees in 25 cities across the country!    

LCLD intends to provide periodic newsletters to mentors and mentees that will include information for consideration during your meetings, tips for maximizing your relationship, and introductions to other mentors and mentees. We also hope that the newsletter will serve to open the lines of communication between the LCLD team and mentors and mentees around the country.

Mentors, we thank you for your commitment to this important work and mentees, congratulations on taking this first step towards what we hope will be a very valuable experience for you! 

  -Robert Grey, Executive Director


Mentor/Mentee 'Spotlight'!

Each month, the LCLD Connections newsletter will 'spotlight' one mentoring partnership. We hope this section of the newsletter will help introduce you to some of the great people participating both as Mentors and Mentees in cities across the country.

For our first spotlight, we've chosen to profile Sarah Griffin from the Los Angeles office of Jones Day and her mentee, Karen Ricard, a 1L at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles.

Sarah Griffin - Partner, Jones Day

Law School - University of Colorado at Boulder

Years Practicing - Class of 1984, 2 judicial clerkships (Colorado Supreme Court and Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals) for 2 years and 25 years in private practice

Area of Expertise - Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation 

After earning my B.A. in Journalism at USC, I worked in internal employee communications for Vons Grocery Company for 5 years. William J. Birney was General Counsel for Vons at the time and went on to become a judge for the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, a post he retired from last year. He suggested law school when I asked him about the value of a post-graduate degree for a woman interested in a career in business. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed the legal process and decided in my first year that I wanted to practice some kind of corporate law. As a clerk to Judge John C. Porfilio on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals (now a Senior Judge), I discovered ERISA, at that time a relatively new law, and sought out a practice in employee benefits after my clerkship ended.

Karen, my mentee, and I met for a long lunch and already it feels like a good match. Karen is very enthusiastic about law school and firmly focused on being a public interest attorney. I hope to help her stay focused but, at the same time, be open and receptive to as-yet-unknown opportunities that might present themselves to her. Jones Day instills in all of its senior attorneys and partners the importance of working with junior attorneys to help them gain the confidence and experience they need to realize their full potential and career development. I was the beneficiary of that policy and practice and find working with junior associates to be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of my practice. Participating in the LCLD mentorship program is just an extension of that and I look forward to helping Karen recognize that the many skills and talents she has developed in her pre-law school life will help her thrive during the next three years and beyond.

Karen Ricard - 1L, Southwestern Law School

Undergraduate School - University of California, Berkeley

Where I am from - I was born in Austin, Texas; however, my mother and I moved to Los Angeles, California when I was two years old, and I have resided here ever since that time. So, I consider myself a native Californian.  

Law School - Southwestern Law School

Following my college graduation, I worked in a variety of positions during a 14-year career at UCLA.  I worked first in UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine as a Grants Analyst and Fund Manger and then transitioned to a role working for the Dean of the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. However, it was always my dream to be an attorney, specifically in the field of public interest and child advocacy in order to assist underrepresented children and families. It is never too late to pursue your dream!

I am a first generation college graduate. I am extremely excited to be at Southwestern Law School;  public interest is a central component of its curriculum and the school encourages public service through participation in many of their legal clinics.

I am honored to be Sarah's mentee; as a partner at Jones Day, she has a wealth of experience and she has been quite generous and gracious with her time. The LCLD mentorship has provided an invaluable learning opportunity; I am thrilled to be a participant.    

Many thanks to Sarah and Karen for agreeing to participate in our first mentor/mentee 'Spotlight'! If you're interested in being profiled in our 'Spotlight', please contact Sarah Wintle.



We've heard from lots of you that you're very much enjoying your new mentoring relationship and that you're excited about the opportunity moving forward. Here are just a couple of the things we've heard!

From Brian in Los Angeles:
"I had coffee with my mentee, and she is a terrific person. Looking forward to watching her grow in her legal career."

From Orga in Washington, DC:
"Although I have only met Tom [mentor] once, I already look up to him. Please be sure to send a thank you from me to everyone else involved with this program. You are making a big difference." 

If you'd like to share some of your thoughts about the Law School Mentoring Program, send an email to Sarah Wintle!


Tips for Mentors & Mentees

LCLD is committed to ensuring that the mentoring relationship is a valuable one for both mentors and mentees. To make certain that success is the end result of the partnership, LCLD has created tool for mentors and mentees to use, especially in the beginning stages of their relationship.

One tool in particular, 'General Tips for Mentors & Mentees' may be helpful both for setting relationship expectations as well as for general communication standards. To view 'General Tips for Mentors & Mentees', click on the link below.

General Tips for Mentors & Mentees 

To view additional tools that may be helpful as you begin to build your relationship, click on the following link and scroll to the 'Resources' near the bottom of the page.



Group Mentoring Program (GMP)

In late February 2012, LCLD launched its Success in Law School Group Mentoring Program (GMP). As part of this program, attorneys from LCLD member firms volunteer to host diverse 1L, 2L, and 3L students from surrounding law schools for a group session where issues relevant to law students are discussed.  

The GMP was launched this winter in 29 cities across the country; some cities are holding events this spring while others are planning events for the fall. Thus far, events have been held in Dallas, Richmond, VA, Nashville, and Philadelphia. Upcoming events are scheduled in Chicago (April 12), Cincinnati (April 19), and Pittsburgh (June 5). For more information about scheduled events and to see if one is scheduled in your city, click here

Below are photos from the GMP event held in Richmond, VA on April 5! 


Still haven't heard from your mentor or mentee?

If you have yet to receive any correspondence from your mentor or your mentee, LCLD wants to know! We're committed to providing a quality experience to all of our mentors and mentees and want to make sure that all participants have begun to correspond regularly. If you haven't yet heard form your mentor or mentee, please email Sarah Wintle


An Introduction & Feedback

During the winter of 2012, LCLD added Sarah Wintle to their central office staff to help manage the Law School Mentoring Programs. Sarah comes to LCLD with a background in education and research and is excited to have joined an organization doing such great work! Sarah will be working to help coordinate the Law School Mentoring Programs, including both the Individual and Group Mentoring Programs. 

The Law School Mentoring Program at LCLD is in its inaugural year and as with any new program, there is always room for improvement. If you have suggestions, feedback, or if you just want to tell us how much you are enjoying your experience, email Sarah to let her know!