Welcome to the Members section of the LCLD website.

Founded in 2009, the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity has grown from a modest grassroots initiative organized by Rick Palmore (above, left) to a powerhouse organization of more than 350 corporate general counsel and law firm managing partners — the leadership of the U.S. legal profession.

Yet LCLD is anything but impersonal.

Our Members are united by their personal commitment to building diversity in the legal profession through a sustained, energetic participation in the activities of LCLD.

Our Action Programs enable Members to be as "hands on" as they wish to be, whether it's providing Mentors, hiring 1L Scholars, boosting talented mid-career Fellows, or sharing corner-office insights with the LCLD Fellows Alumni and the next generation of leaders in the law. 

From the very beginning, our programs have been conceived, implemented, and led by Members, who interact to an extraordinary degree with the young, diverse attorneys and law students who benefit from our programs every year.

This website is designed to help you become, and remain, deeply involved in that process. You can browse upcoming Events, including the Mid-Year CLE Webinar, and make plans to attend our Eighth Annual LCLD Membership Meeting, October 16-17, 2017, in Washington, D.C.

Our Member Communications program will help you stay informed about what your fellow Members, and LCLD, are doing to advance diversity and inclusion.

On our new Membership Map, you can peruse LCLD's national footprint, and easily navigate map layers to find LCLD Members, Fellows, and Mentoring Cities with a touch or a click.

As a handy reference, you'll find our most recent Impact Report attached below, which details the purpose and impact of LCLD's programs, and the results that we're working to achieve.

If you have questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact LCLD President Robert Grey, Membership & Operations Director Jennifer Denton, or any member of the LCLD Staff

Leadership. Action. Results.