A Word from Robert Grey

The window of opportunity is open.

Recent events in the United States have placed LCLD’s core mission—diversity and inclusion—front and center in the national conversation. 

This moment has shown that there is broad consensus in this country over issues of racial justice: An overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens believe that fairness and equality are fundamental American values that everyone has a right to expect.

There is an urgency to these issues that has been a long time coming.

We believe that this gives the leaders of the legal profession a historic opportunity to create real and lasting change, both within your organizations and in society at large.

We're asking you to use your voice for change.

Leaders at the Front is a movement that we hope captures that urgency and opportunity. So we’re asking each of our Members to step forward and craft a personal, public statement—a Leader’s Pledge—to build a more perfect union by moving diversity to the front burner of your organization.

This pledge goes beyond well-meaning words—it will require you to create an action plan that translates your personal commitment to diversity into organizational changes that are specific, meaningful, and measurable.

We’re aware that many of you are already working hard on these issues. But sharing a public commitment in writing will be valuable for everyone, from people inside your organization to your peers in LCLD, who may draw inspiration from your example and seek to implement similar changes in their own organizations. It will also amplify our collective voice, as we as an organization seek to create lasting change.

We hope that you will be part of this movement.


Ready to get involved but not sure how? 

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