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When you’re ready to share your commitments publicly, click below to submit your Leader's Pledge to LCLD. We’ll let you know when the final version is live on our site. And remember—your pledge is a living document. If you need to make changes to best reflect how your organization is pursuing diversity, equity, and inclusion, we’ll work with you

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What's in a Pledge?

It's time to articulate your personal commitment to diversity and translate it into organizational changes that are specific, meaningful, and measurable. Use the resources below to create your Leader's Pledge. 

Principles of a Leader's Pledge 

As you craft your pledge, remember the four essential principles of a Leader's Pledge: 

  • Personal Responsibility. As a leader, you have enormous influence within your organization, network, and community. How can you harness that influence to drive change? 
  • Organizational Impact. We know the barriers faced by diverse lawyers are systemic—which means we must change the processes and practices that drive our organizations. How can your organization remove bias and improve systems in order to drive inclusivity at all levels of your organization? 
  • Transparency. You must be willing to be transparent about the goals you’re setting and the challenges you may face, both within your organization and with your peers at LCLD. 
  • Accountability. You can’t change what you don’t measure. A successful pledge must include specific, measurable goals. How are your direct reports, D&I committee, and diverse talent measuring progress toward the goals laid out in your pledge? How are you and your organization’s leaders held accountable for the results? 

Crafting Your Leader's Pledge

Questions and impact areas to help you draft your pledge. 

Crafting Your Leader's Pledge (PDF)

Sample Managing Partner Pledges

Sample pledges for law firm leaders.

Sample Managing Partner Leader's Pledge (PDF)

Sample General Counsel Pledges

Sample pledges for corporate legal department leaders.

Sample General Counsel Leader's Pledge (PDF)

Super Pledge 

Superstar pledge commitments from LCLD Members, highlighted at our 2022 Annual Membership Meeting.  

LCLD Super Pledge (PDF)

Current Pledge Analysis

See an analysis of existing pledges, including a deep dive into impact areas.

Leaders at the Front Progress Report

Still need guidance? Attend a Virtual Leadership Summit to refine your Leader's Pledge.

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