I, Tim Diemand, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Use my position in firm leadership to ensure equity in our business functions, including recruitment, advancement, work allocation, succession planning, compensation, and leadership roles.
  • Continuously consider how to embed DEI principles into firm governance and ensure intentionality in discussing DEI with the firm as well as with individuals at the firm.
  • Meet bi-weekly with our Director of IDE to discuss how I can be an advocate and support the firm’s DEI efforts. 
  • Be an active participant of LCLD, and apply lessons learned to my role in firm leadership. 
  • In partnership with our Director of IDE, meet regularly with diverse attorneys and staff to understand opportunities to make our firm more inclusive and equitable. 
  • Ensure DEI is on the agenda of every Partner meeting. 
  • Model inclusive leadership and allyship.

Organizational Commitment

Hold all firm leaders and partners accountable for Wiggin and Dana’s DEI Strategic Action Plan, IDE DRIVE.


  • Increase diverse representation across all attorney levels and in business operations.
  • Create a sustainable process for demographic data collection and analysis.
  • Use recruitment and attrition data to add additional structure, eliminate bias, and increase diverse hiring. 


  • Increase DEI infrastructure, accountability, and visibility (both internal and external), encouraging everyone to engage in DEI efforts. 
  • Optimize our DEI Committee to achieve IDE DRIVE goals, and to ensure collaboration, consistency, communication, and alignment with our internal functions and external partnerships, and ensure our diverse workforce feels connected and empowered. 
  • Think holistically about flexibility and inclusive policies to support working parents and caregivers.
  • Create ways to include Business Operations in our DEI efforts.

Career Visioning

  • Increase process and transparency around attorney talent management and advancement to ensure equitable access to information, success, and leadership.
  • Implement an enhanced level-based mentorship program to ensure equal access to quality mentorship opportunities for all attorneys. 
  • Implement a pilot business development coaching program for high-potential diverse future leaders the firm. 
  • Pursue Mansfield Certification, which requires 30% diversity in the candidate pool in various firm processes, including for leadership positions, inclusion on pitches, and promotion to partnership. 


  • Increase education and raise firm consciousness to drive emotional intelligence and inclusive behaviors.
  • Invest in outside resources for various awareness and discussion programs on critical DEI topics, such as implicit bias, microaggressions, allyship, empathy, and inclusive leadership.


  • In five years, the firm strives to be in the top 33% for diversity in our law firm peer group in the following areas:
    • Attorneys of color
    • All women attorneys
    • Partners of color
    • Women partners
    • Business Operations
  • In 10 years, the firm strives to be in the top 25% for diversity in our law firm peer group in the following areas:
    • Attorneys of Color
    • All women attorneys
    • LGBTQ+ attorneys
    • Partners of color
    • Women partners
    • Business Operations 
  • In adherence to the Mansfield Rule, ensure there is 30% diversity in the candidate pools for lateral recruitment, promotion to partner, firm leadership positions, and inclusion in pitches.

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