I, Terri Meldrum, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • As Executive Sponsor of OhioHealth's women’s business resource group, I will continue to work to fulfill its mission of creating an environment where all women can thrive.
  • As a member of the DE&I Executive Leadership Committee, I will continue to support and promote our company’s overall DE&I efforts.
  • I will use my voice as a leader at OhioHealth and in my community to advance diversity, equity and inclusion within our organization and within the legal profession.
  • I will continue to seek learnings that will allow me to become a more culturally competent leader and ally.
  • I will seek to expand my personal network within the organization and the community to model diversity and inclusivity.
  • I will continue to mentor and assist underrepresented talent, inside and outside of OhioHealth, to strength pathways for personal and professional development.
  • I will continue to participate in LCLD, and other forums focused on DE&I, to ensure continued learning and sharing of best practices that can enhance DE&I activities within my organization and community.

Organizational Commitments

  • Continue to create psychologically safe spaces to have conversations about diversity and inclusion.
  • Increase diversity in leadership and governance to reflect the communities we serve.
  • Take actions to improve healthcare quality, safety, and experiences for all patients.
  • Provide unconscious bias education and training to disrupt unconscious bias and strengthen culturally responsive care.
  • Be role models for diversity and inclusion and share our diversity and inclusion journey with others.

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