I, Ted Mayer, personally commit to the following:

  • I will meet with each of our firm’s affinity groups before the end of the year and on a regular basis in succeeding years. The purpose is to hear concerns, report on our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, and provide for accountability.
  • I will be an active participant in our Diversity Committee.
  • DEI will continue to be a key part of our Strategic plan on an ongoing basis, with specific goals set.
  • We will again review our evaluation forms and review process with our Personnel Committee to ensure 1) we used best practices to eliminate conscious and unconscious bias; 2) we appropriately encourage prompt communication of positive and negative feedback to all associates; and 3) we are incorporating individualized discussion of the path forward in each review.
  • New leaders of the mentorship program will reinvent our program and will recommend and implement steps to provide further structure, incentives, and credit to drive proactive engagement and sponsorship with every junior associate and every diverse associate.
  • I will ensure there is sufficient diverse representation on all firm committees.
  • As a personal matter, I will continue my mentorship of diverse law school candidates and law students through the Ronald Brown program.

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