I, Stefan John, personally commit to the following:


  • Listen to the feedback from team members.
  • Have follow-up discussions and safe space building exercises.
  • Create further transparency on developmental opportunities.
  • Continue to encourage the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal field.
  • Continue recruitment and retention efforts focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Continue internal training and awareness program within the Unit


  • Discussion series: We will aim to host discussions on relevant topics to continue to educate and inform team members. Where applicable and practical, we will invite external speakers or internal speakers from other BASF units to participate. Exemplary topics include:
    • Topics related to racial inequality (e.g. systemic racism)
    • Awareness of ongoing D&I activity within Legal/IP (e.g. recruitment & retention programs, outside counsel program, and pro bono opportunities)
    • Case Studies on D&I related topics
  • Are you OK? – Safe Space Building Efforts
    • Ensure team members have an outlet to express feeling, frustrations, emotions, etc.
    • Promoting a culture of caring
  • Recruitment, Retention & Development
    • Help ensure developmental opportunities are fully transparent (roles, requirements, process)
    • Recruitment efforts
      • Diverse interview and candidate panels
      • Post roles with diverse bar associations
      • Mansfield Certification for in house legal departments
  • Outside Counsel Program
    • Track relevant metrics from law firms
    • Meet with firms to discuss year-over-year progress
    • Continue to emphasize supplier diversity in bidding process

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