I, Stan Blanton, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • Our Firm’s goal is to become a fully diverse Firm with an inclusive working environment where every person is and feels empowered to reach their full potential. I commit to using every aspect of my leadership position to work toward that goal.
  • I will continue to use my voice and position as a leader in the firm to advance the firm’s DEI priorities as they relate to recruitment, development, advancement, and retention efforts.
  • I will continue to ensure our commitment to DEI is a strong consideration in major firm decisions including practices and policies, annual assessments and succession planning, as well as business development initiatives.
  • I will sponsor the firm’s LCLD Fellow and Pathfinder participants each year, hosting meetings quarterly to discuss their experiences and opportunities to enhance the firm’s diversity, equity and inclusion priorities. As part of this relationship, I will ensure that each attorney receives significant opportunities to engage with clients and for internal/external visibility.
  • I will serve as an additional senior mentor for the firm’s LCLD 1L Scholars each year through the firm’s Summer Associate Mentoring Program. Through this relationship, I will host meetings twice yearly with the firm’s 1L Scholars to provide mentorship and to discuss opportunities to advance diversity, equity and inclusion both within the firm and at their respective law schools.
  • I will engage with LCLD General Counsel members to identify opportunities to collaborate on our efforts to increase, advance and support DEI initiatives within our respective organizations and the legal profession.

Organizational Commitments

  • Our firm will continue to pursue DEI in every aspect of our business by incorporating identifiable diversity and inclusion goals into work practices, professional development, annual gap assessments and leadership development and by providing standing agenda items for updates on progress.
  • Our firm will continue to align the selection of practice leaders and governing body members with our commitment to DEI.
  • Our firm will continue to assess our talent management strategies, processes and practices to ensure a diverse pool of hiring talent that more closely aligns with industry benchmarks.
  • Our firm will host annual training on key DEI topics for our leadership groups including the Executive Committee, Section Heads and Office Managing Partners. In addition, our firm will host annual DEI training for all lawyers and staff.
  • Our firm will prioritize regular educational/informational experiences on DEI-related topics as determined by the firm’s DEI Council.
  • Our firm will continue to be committed to and be engaged in promoting economic, racial and social justice in our communities, such as through our Balch Business Boost Program, our charitable giving, pro bono work and other community initiatives.

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