I, Sigrid McCawley, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Use my position as a firm leader to advocate for changes to improve the equity of processes such as work assignments, hiring, and compensation as detailed under our Organizational Commitment.
  • Utilize my platform to prioritize DEI efforts across BSF and the wider legal industry by continuously communicating that DEI is a core value of the firm that is critical to our business strategy that must be integrated in all of our behaviors and processes.
  • Regularly review qualitative and quantitative diversity metrics to identify barriers to inclusion and report out to the partnership on the findings. 
  • Help lawyers from underrepresented backgrounds to fully understand what is required to succeed by working with them to set goals for their development and by advocating for those opportunities. 
  • Continue to work with the DEI team to invest the resources and support needed to implement recommendations, programs, and initiatives aligned with our DEI action plan.
  • Have an open-door policy for lawyers from underrepresented backgrounds to hear about their experiences developing their practices, as well as their perspectives on ways I can support their development and leadership goals.
  • Meet semi-annually with my organization’s LCLD Fellows, Pathfinders, and Alumni to learn about their experiences at the firm, feedback on LCLD programming, and recommendations for increasing and improving the firm’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

Organizational Commitment

  • Foster an inclusive environment where lawyers and staff from underrepresented backgrounds feel welcomed and supported at work by continuing to invest in our training and cultural awareness programming, among other initiatives.
  • Ask all employees to participate in a “Personal DEI Challenge” by making a personal commitment to take at least one action twice a year to support and promote DEI initiatives at the firm.
  • Continue to maintain Mansfield Rule Certification, including expanding the application of the Mansfield’s criteria to create more opportunities for hiring, leadership, and promotion for historically underrepresented attorneys.
  • Continue to sponsor diversity-related organizations, pipeline programs and community organizations that advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal profession and beyond, such as LCLD, MCCA, NAPABA, NBA, HNBA, The LGBTQ+ Bar Association, and CYOC.
  • Expand metrics used to assess partner performance, including visible and demonstrated commitment to DEI and ability to develop talent equitably and lead inclusively.
  • Encourage all partners to get engaged in diversity recruitment by expanding the schools from which we recruit, as well as broadening our networks with regard to lateral partner recruiting.
  • Establish transparent processes that fairly and equitably distribute work and training opportunities amongst all associates that better integrates and supports development of diverse talent.
  • Develop partnerships with organizations and causes outside of the firm to improve DEI in the communities that we serve, including implementing service days where both attorneys and staff can volunteer.

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