I, Shaun Clifford, personally commit to the following:

Diversity, equity and inclusion are strategic business priorities for all eleven Federal Home Loan Banks and the Office of Finance (collectively, “FHLBanks”). The FHLBanks recognize that diversity across all areas of our operations increases capacity for innovation and creativity, and that a committed practice of inclusion allows us to leverage the unique perspectives of all employees and strengthen our retention efforts. The FHLBanks operationalize our commitment by offering educational and professional development opportunities for our employees to connect and grow – both personally and professionally.

The General Counsel at each of the FHLBanks commits, as a leader within his or her institution, to both promote and engage in the DEI mission and goals of their FHLBank.


  • We will actively promote diversity in recruitment for all positions of our institution, including open positions in our Legal Department.
  • We will promote the inclusion of diverse attorneys in professional development opportunities.
  • We will participate in and support the programs and initiatives of the LCLD, as well as other DEI initiatives of our institution.
  • We will seek opportunities for further DEI development through education, training and listening.
  • We will work with our individual Legal teams to collect, analyze and use diversity data to more effectively manage the diversity of our suppliers and outside law firms.

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