I, Scott Stengel, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • I will use my voice as a leader to advocate for DE&I in our company, the legal profession, and our community, with a particular focus on building inclusive bridges that bring people together and discouraging divisive rhetoric and actions that drive people apart.
  • I will foster an environment where all colleagues—who are equal in their human dignity but different in their human traits—are accepted, feel welcome, and bring their authentic selves to work.
  • I will promote discourse and engagement that furthers understanding, values differences, assumes good intent, and enhances relationship.
  • I will support the development and long-term success of diverse lawyers and other legal professionals, especially those with more limited access to or networks within the legal community.
  • I will continually deepen my cultural competency and knowledge of evolving DE&I issues, question assumptions and biases, and collaborate with others in solving real-world challenges.

Organizational Commitments

  • I will lead the Ally Legal, Governance, and Government Relations (LGGR) Social Justice Council and proactively advise the chairs of its three pillars: (1) Support, Educate, and Engage, (2) Pro Bono Legal Engagements, and (3) Investing in the Next Generation.
  • I will support our Investing in the Next Generation pillar in particular by championing our robust scholarship-and-mentoring program for law students and aspiring public-policy professionals in collaboration with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.
  • I will be intentional in maintaining and nurturing a diverse and inclusive team within LGGR, including in the context of opportunities for leadership appointments, promotions, and participation in career-enhancing programs.
  • I will be visibly active as an executive sponsor of an Ally Employee Resource Group.
  • I will engage our law firms on DE&I—such as through joint pro-bono activities and the co-sponsorship of an LCLD 1L Scholar—and hold them accountable for investing in the careers of diverse lawyers and other legal professionals.

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