I, Scott Meyers, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • I will use my position as Chairman & CEO of Akerman to ensure equity in firm processes such as promotion to partnership, promotion to leadership and committee roles, as well as within compensation, work allocation, and hiring practices.
  • I will use my position to advocate for equality and inclusion within the legal profession and the communities in which we serve.
  • I will require firm practice group, office, and committee leaders and those seeking leadership roles within the firm to demonstrate a commitment to equality and inclusion and to continue to move the firm’s equality and inclusion mission forward.
  • I will invest firm resources to combat racial inequities in our justice system through pro bono, financial, and other resources.
  • I will meet semi-annually with firm LCLD Fellows, LCLD Pathfinders and LCLD alumni, and will meet annually with firm LCLD 1L Scholars to discuss their experiences with the firm and will ask each how the firm can support and enhance their development.
  • I will work with firm leaders to identify and develop strategic partnerships with LCLD members who are existing firm clients.
  • I will continue to serve as a leader on the Akerman Racial Justice Initiative (ARJI) Council.
  • I will engage with my firm’s internal network group (affinity group) leaders to reaffirm my personal commitment to equality and inclusion and to discuss concerns and ways in which the firm can better support its members.
  • I will serve as an ally to underrepresented attorneys and staff within my firm.

Organizational Commitments

  • Akerman will foster an inclusive environment where all individuals feel welcomed and supported at work.
  • Akerman will maintain a “high trust culture” predicated on credibility, respect, and fairness.
  • Akerman will continue to use the Mansfield Rule to support efforts to increase the hiring, promotion, and matter allocation of traditionally underrepresented attorneys, and will strive for Mansfield Plus Certification status each year.
  • Akerman will continue to support and sponsor LCLD and other pipeline programs, community organizations, and scholarship programs that advance diversity, equality, and inclusion in the legal profession and beyond.
  • Akerman will continue to recognize Juneteenth as a firm holiday, and will continue to promote education and highlight achievements related to cultural, racial, and social justice topics.
  • Akerman will develop and enhance programs that support the professional development, mentoring, and sponsorship of underrepresented members of the firm.
  • Akerman will continue to prioritize its pro bono work aimed at combating racial inequities in our justice system through the Akerman Racial Justice Initiative (ARJI) and through other organizations such as the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance, in which Akerman has taken on a leadership role.
  • Akerman will continue its commitment to advocating for the LGBTQ+ community through its many pro bono efforts.

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