I, Sarah Reynolds, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will use my position as a leader in my organization and in the profession to advocate for DE&I in the legal profession, at Goldman Ismail and in my community.
  • I will work with Goldman Ismail to host an LCLD Leadership Lunch, and select a Fellow in attendance for a follow-up conversation.
  • I will meet annually with at least three other legal community members to discuss how to promote DE&I in the legal industry.
  • I will meet twice a year with my organization’s Fellows, Pathfinders, and Alumni to discuss their experiences within the organization an to generate ideas for change.

Organizational Commitment

  • Goldman Ismail will host a Summer 2022 for diverse 1Ls.
  • My firm will implement an automated feedback system, in which attorneys receive frequent, concrete feedback and managers are assessed based on the frequency and quality of the feedback they give.
  • Within one year, my firm will adjust work assignment processes for associates so that matters are automatically assigned based on availability

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