I, Roman Wuller, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • I will use my voice as a leader in my organization and in the profession to advocate for DE&I in the legal profession and in my community.
  • I will use my position among my Firm’s leadership to advocate for changes to improve the equity of processes such as work assignments, hiring, and compensation.
  • I will personally sponsor one diverse junior attorney each year. As part of this relationship, I will ensure that each protégé receives a concrete stretch opportunity for internal/external visibility.
  • I will encourage diverse attorneys at the Firm to apply for and participate in the Fellows and/or Pathfinders programs.

Organizational Commitments

  •  I will create a directory of lawyers who identify as diverse, and circulate it with practice group leaders and others building client teams. I will work with my Firm to create an internal process to evaluate all client teams for diversity.
  • I will review my Firm’s origination credit process to ensure that practices such as credit-sharing and developing business are equitable.
  • I will ensure that 30% of the lawyers in my Firm’s sponsorship program are diverse, and that diverse lawyers in the program are sponsored by senior leaders within the firm.
  • I will support the development of client succession plans in the next 18 months that ensure a diverse partner is one of a team of two or three lawyers identified to succeed a senior partner.
  • I will ensure our associate review program includes opportunities for frequent, concrete feedback.
  • I will ensure our partner compensation system includes inquiries about a partner’s personal contributions to DE&I and implement a Personal Diversity Initiative that provides numerous ideas and opportunities for attorneys to pursue DE&I actions within the Firm and externally in our legal and civic communities.

Make a move,
join the movement.

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