I, Roger Furey, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment 

  • Regularly communicate throughout the year to the firm community our diversity and inclusion commitment and provide transparency into the strategy and actions we will take to support, develop and advance attorneys who are underrepresented in leadership and partner roles in the AmLaw 100, including attorneys of color, women and LGBTQ attorneys.
  • Along with the firm’s CEO, annually report the state of diversity and inclusion at the firm both internally and externally.
  • Coach and engage the firm’s senior leadership and partners in developing, mentoring, sponsoring and giving feedback to attorneys of color, LGBTQ attorneys, and women attorneys at the firm.
  • Sponsor at least one diverse associate and diverse partner each year through our newly established Kattalyst Sponsorship Program. As part of this relationship, ensure that each attorney receives client opportunities and opportunities for internal/external visibility.
  • Meet regularly with our firm’s affinity groups (Partner Collective on Race and Ethnicity Diversity, Associate Committee on Race and Ethnic Diversity, LGBTQ Coalition, and Women’s Leadership Forum) to build relationships, understand more about their experiences at our firm and learn how we can leverage their feedback to support individual and firm organizational goals.
  • Check-in meetings throughout the year with LCLD Fellows and Pathfinders to understand their experiences at our firm, feedback on LCLD programming, and how I can support their career.
  • Partner with clients and LCLD member colleagues on D&I initiatives that support our mutual objectives to advance diversity in the legal profession and our respective organizations.

Organizational Commitment 

  • Invite challenging conversations across our firm community in an effort to promote change, foster inclusion, and create understanding of the identities, intersectionality and experiences that our attorneys and business professionals bring to the firm.
  • Ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are integrated in every major firm decision, from partner promotions, to leadership and governance roles, to associate and partner hiring, to the allocation of work, to business and client development opportunities, and the implementation of firm-wide initiatives and policies.
  • Continue to achieve Mansfield Certification.
  • Together with CEO, ensure that practice group leaders have the necessary resources and support in connection with their implementation of D&I actions identified in practice group business plans.
  • Monitor and track the diversity of our key client teams and work with relationship partners to improve the diversity in staffing and create client engagement opportunities for diverse attorneys working on their matters.
  • Launch sponsorship and mentoring programs that have been designed to address the specific needs that underrepresented attorneys have navigating a law firm.
  • Implement recommendations from the firm’s newly established Equity and Well-Being Task Force which will conduct an audit of Firm processes to identify and eliminate disparities, biases and any negative impact on attorney or business professional well-being.
  • Ensure that partner and associate compensation systems reward diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • Provide billable credit for D&I involvement and consider D&I engagement during performance evaluations for attorneys and business professionals.
  • Build upon the expansion of our strategic focus on D&I to include all firm employees, including all of our business professional employees.


  • We will enroll at least 16 diverse attorneys in the next 12 months in the new, robust Kattalyst Sponsorship Program with significant dedicated resources.
  • We will use index-based metrics to achieve significant progress in increasing diversity, using a newly developed “report card” format dashboard provided to Firm’s leaders, including department and practice group heads.
  • Using these metrics, we will make significant progress in achieving increased diversity among our leadership teams, partnership and client teams, relative to where we are now and relative to our peer firms (with goals to do better than our peers given the industry-wide performance).
  • I will work with our leadership teams to set specific, metric-driven goals in each of these areas that are intended to stretch our efforts while remaining achievable.

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