I, Robert Shannon, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • Lead by example in advancing the firm’s DEI initiatives.
  • Continue to work closely with the firm’s Diversity Partner to advance the firm’s DEI initiatives and to continue to learn.
  • Ensure that diverse lawyers hold positions in leadership ranks throughout the firm, including Management Committee, Executive Committee, practice-group heads and office-partners in charge.
  • Ensure that our recruiting, development and promotion activities prioritize and tangibly advance the firm’s diversity initiatives.
  • Ensure that our diversity initiatives are spread equitably throughout the firm for both staff and lawyers.
  • Ensure that diverse lawyer representatives have formal meetings with the firm’s Management Committee each year;
  • Maintain regular engagement with young diverse lawyers and appear before the firm’s Associate Life Committee at least two times per year.
  • Ensure that our DEI goals are imbedded in our firm’s deep culture so that those efforts are consistent and lasting.
  • Take the firm’s diversity principles and goals, including our Black Attorney Matters Referendum, into external dealings and relationships.

Organizational Commitments

  • Continue to invest firm resources to advancing our DEI initiatives.
  • Implement and cement the Firm’s Value and Culture Statement in everything we do.
  • Ensure that the firm satisfies its commitment to secure Mansfield 5.0 certification.
  • Ensure that there is firm support to successfully achieve the firm’s three fold diversity objectives in attorney development, relationship building and civic engagement.
  • Commit to the creation of more client opportunities for the firm’s diverse talent.
  • Support, announce and applaud the achievements and commendations awarded to the firm’s diverse lawyers and staff;
  • Maintain inclusive and open dialogue among all firm personnel to build relationships and advance understanding.

Make a move,
join the movement.

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