I, Robert Bodian, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • I will continue to promote a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion (“DEI”) at all levels of Mintz.
  • I will publicly communicate my expectation that each partner is responsible for, and has an obligation to, the DEI progress of the firm.
  • I will meet with our affinity group leaders no less than annually to reaffirm my commitment to DEI; I shall also meet quarterly with our Black attorneys to discuss any number of issues, including but not limited to increasing the recruitment of Black attorneys.
  • I will discuss with clients ways in which I can partner with them in advancing DEI at each of our respective organizations.
  • I will encourage all leaders to implement their succession planning with DEI in mind.
  • I commit to holding myself and Mintz accountable for increasing the representation of women in key leadership positions (section managers, policy committee and compensation committee members and office managing partners), with the goal of 40% within 3 years.
  • I commit to holding myself and Mintz accountable for increasing the representation of attorneys of color in key leadership positions.

Organizational Commitments

  • Mintz will create an equity council to meaningfully and substantially increase access of diverse attorneys to business development and leadership opportunities at the firm.
  • Mintz will require practice leaders to annually meet with the Director of Diversity to prepare and present, to firm leadership, their commitment to DEI, their action plans, and the progress they have made each year on their plan.
  • Mintz will review 5 – 10 of our key client accounts and work with the relationship partners to identify at least one diverse partner who can develop a deeper relationship with the client and their work over the next 24 months.
  • Mintz’s DEI team shall create DEI-related metrics to help evaluate partner performance and eligibility of senior associates for partnership. Metrics will include, but will not be limited to, leadership of the firm’s affinity groups, demographics of client matter teams, introductions of diverse lawyers into the client relationship, meaningful stretch opportunities for junior attorneys, and mentorship and sponsorship of diverse associates.
  • Mintz will ensure that DEI topics are on the agenda at most firmwide events and is discussed regularly at the Policy Committee (Executive Committee), for the purpose of raising awareness and constantly improving our policies and procedures as they relate to our diverse populations.
  • Mintz’s Director of DEI will present quantitative and qualitative data on the hiring, retention and promotion of women and attorneys of color to the Policy Committee on a regular basis.


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