I, Pilar Ramos, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment 

  • I will use the platform I have as a leader in my organization, community and in the profession to champion—and encourage others to champion—DE&I. 
  • I will sponsor and support leadership development that provides opportunities for advancement, targeting diversity at all levels of the profession and within my legal department in support of career growth.
  • I will act as a social impact ambassador on behalf of my department and for the legal community both internally and externally.
  • I will encourage members of my team to actively participate in LCLD through the Fellows, Pathfinders, and Alumni programs to foster their learning and experience.
  • I will actively mentor my leadership team and encourage them to seek opportunities for their teams to advance DE&I within the department and in the legal profession.

Organizational Commitment 

  • I will assess our top law firms based on the diversity of law firm management, compensation committees, and hours worked on our matters.
  • I will require my organization’s top firms to have a diverse slate of potential successors as the relationship partner for our matters, and I will require a say in their selection, together with law firm leadership.
  • I will hold my team accountable to meet annually with the Managing Partner/Chair of each of my top firms about my expectations regarding DE&I and the staff dedicated to support matters within my organization.
  • I will ensure that senior leaders in my legal department mentor and foster a close client- and require diversity to be an important consideration in succession planning for internal legal leadership positions.
  • I will require diverse candidate slates for all hiring/promotions within our law department and require diversity to be an important consideration in succession planning for internal legal leadership positions. 
  • I will further develop our company’s relationships with policy and advocacy organizations that promote and demonstrate diversity among their own ranks.

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