I, Peter Miller, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • As the Firm Chair and Managing Partner, member of the Executive Committee, Partner Board and Compensation Committees, I will use my position and platform to highlight the Firm’s core values, including our commitment to and value of inclusion and diversity (I&D) reflected in the development of a diverse workforce with a culture of inclusion, belonging and equity where all members of our firm have a path to success
  • Speak with clarity and conviction about the importance of living up to our commitment to the values of inclusion, diversity, belonging and equity and our expectation of living into our values
  • Understanding that the success of our I&D commitment is not just strategy but ownership and execution of the strategy across the firm, I will invest meaningfully in the success of our inclusion and diversity initiatives, strategy and goals in partnership with the Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, the DIAT team, our affinity groups and all firm leaders
  • Ensure that I consistently model my own commitment to building a more inclusive, diverse workplace, in my words and actions, not only in my leadership role but in my day-to-day working relationships with colleagues. This includes:
    • Leaning in to discomfort that may come with change or hard discussions, seeking out professionals from underrepresented and historically marginalized groups at events, making space for challenges to the status quo, and advocating for courageous actions and discussions with the firms and with our clients;
    • Focus on our anti-racism commitment and meet regularly with our lawyers of color with the primary goal of listening to their concerns and suggestions, for e.g. attending some of our monthly Diverse Attorney Check-Ins;
    • Be an active listener, an effective advocate and ally, and a supportive colleague in my relationships with professionals from underrepresented and historically marginalized groups across the firm;
    •  Educate myself about the unique challenges facing professionals from underrepresented and historically marginalized groups within and outside the workplace;
    • Model inclusive behavior by reaching out to diverse lawyers to learn about their practices and career goals, to help build connections across the firm, and to open the door to leadership opportunities within the firm and in client relationships. This includes continuing to serve as a sponsor in our Triad mentor-sponsor program.
  • Work closely with the Firm’s Executive Committee, Partner Board, Compensation Committee, Office Managing Partners and Department Chairs, the Seyfarth Office of Inclusion and Diversity and Inclusion Action Team (DIAT) to promote equity within the Firm and to work with organizations promoting racial equity in the communities where we live and work
  • Review and encourage the participation of all equity partners in I&D initiatives and the diversity of their teams in annual partner review and compensation process

Organizational Commitment

  • Commit significant and effective firm resources, financial and human, on a consistent basis to internal firm I&D goals and commitments as well as to external causes that combat systemic racial inequity and social injustice in our communities
  • At Seyfarth our I&D strategic approach has four pillars: inclusive leadership, inclusive talent development, inclusion integrated systems and processes and communities. As such, Seyfarth will:
    • Ensure strong representation of diversity, especially racial/ethnic and gender diversity, in leadership at all levels;
    • Ensure accountability and measurement of inclusion and diversity commitments and progress are woven into leadership consideration and compensation;
    • Increase the percentage of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and LGBTQ+ attorneys at all levels including all leadership positions;
    • Increase the percentage of new BIPOC and LGBTQ+ attorney hires and ensure our recruiting and hiring practices are consistent with the best practices in inclusion and diversity;
    • Increase the income partner classes of women attorneys;
    • Increase the percentage of BIPOC income and equity partners;
    • Reduce unwanted attrition of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ attorneys at all levels, and women income and equity partners. This includes addresses equitable workflow, increasing attorney engagement, cultivating a wellbeing culture, increasing access to clients for underrepresented attorneys, and enhancing access to business development opportunities for all;
    • Integrate the use of bias interrupters to mitigate bias and improve equitable outcomes in our hiring, feedback and evaluations, promotions and advancement processes and systems;
    • Integrate I&D best practices into our human resources and talent development processes and systems to ensure we cultivate inclusion and belonging, increase overall diversity and achieve equity;
    • Develop and foster a flexibility culture that supports hybrid work and the changing workplace;
    • Focus on the inclusive leadership competencies of all positional leaders and partners within the firm;
    • Continue our commitment to anti-racism and racial equity and justice
  • Our I&D work at Seyfarth is measured and change made using four inclusion drivers: leadership, commitment and communication, education and training, and measurement and accountability. In execution along these pillars, we will:
    • Continue to have an inclusion and diversity component at all firm programs such as monthly partner meetings, partner business meetings/retreats, associate retreats, department meetings, etc;
    • Host an annual I&D leadership summit bringing together the firm leaders and I&D leaders to focus on best practices in I&D and strategic planning;
    • Include inclusion and diversity in firm communications, programs, business plans, and representation of strategic plans;
    • Require consistent firm-wide training for attorneys and staff on ways to recognize and address bias in the workplace, with an emphasis on not only avoiding in one’s own actions but also interrupting bias; 
    • Engage in meaningful firm wide education and training that focuses on actionable organizational and individual change; 
    • Expect and require partners and firm leaders to actively, consistently and meaningfully engage in I&D programs and initiatives;
    • Use dashboards and scoreboards to measure progress on goals and support client reporting externally;
    • Continue providing internal transparency on I&D goals, progress, challenges and opportunities.

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