I, Peter Furci, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • Regularly reinforce to members of the firm community the centrality of the firm’s DEI goals in our firm’s overall strategy, and report to the firm at least annually on DEI initiatives for recruiting, developing, and advancing attorneys from historically underrepresented backgrounds, including people of color, women, and those who identify as LGBTQ+
  • Engage with partners about the value and importance to the firm of their active and visible support of DEI strategy by encouraging, among other things, regular attendance at DEI presentations, DEI speaker events, and DEI partner trainings
  • Continue to consult with the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leadership Team and professional staff members who have frequent touch points with diverse attorneys and obtain feedback about the inclusivity of our culture and effectiveness of DEI initiatives at the firm in order to further integrate DEI efforts into firm processes and discuss investment in diverse attorneys
  • Meet with the U.S. Diversity Committee, comprised of partner and associate representatives from the firm’s affinity groups, at least twice a year to hear about their experiences and perspectives on ways the firm can improve in supporting and developing their professional goals
  • Continue to provide practice group leaders and other firm leaders with regular updates on diversity metric information so that they are fully aware of diversity statistics as part of overall talent strategy
  • Lead our firm’s commitment to remain Mansfield Rule certified
  • Continue to use my platform as the leader of a prominent global law firm to advocate for greater equity in our society, including supporting a broad range of pro bono representations and initiatives
  • Expand opportunities to collaborate on initiatives with organizations that support our objectives to recruit, develop and advance talented diverse attorneys
  • Continue to seek out opportunities to partner and collaborate with clients to advance our respective DEI  efforts as well as the careers of diverse lawyers within our institutions, including by organizing and participating in discussions about the firm’s commitment to DEI and mutually shared goals
  • Partner across the firm’s Talent Team to continue to ensure that the firm’s DEI strategies remain embedded in all aspects of talent works
  • Personally develop a mentor and sponsor relationship with at least one diverse partner and one diverse associate
  • Continue to build on my allyship with the affinity groups
  • Continue to speak openly within the firm community from my own lived experience as a first-generation college student and professional 

Organizational Commitments

  • Continue to engage speakers for partner, associate, and firm-wide DEI trainings on topics such as inclusive leadership, feedback across differences, implicit bias, stereotype threat, and allyship, which can be used for core training modules across the organization
  • Build on and further develop mentorship and sponsorship programs
  • Emphasize throughout the partnership and the broader firm community, our focus on retaining diverse associates and increasing the pipeline of diverse partners
  • Remain Mansfield Rule certified, for our U.S. offices as a minimum baseline for holding ourselves accountable on the progress of DEI work within the firm
  • Continue to include the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leadership Team in all aspects of talent development to help advance the careers of diverse attorneys
  • Deepen and strengthen involvement of the firm’s U.S. Diversity Committee and local diversity committees
  • Collaborate on DEI efforts with clients and give updates on the firm’s progress as well as invite client participation in selected firm programs on DEI topics
  • Continue to support programs designed to expand and diversify our talent pipeline and explore new initiatives to identify and recruit diverse candidates
  • Continue to examine quantitative diversity metrics, including the firm’s attrition and promotion data of diverse lawyers, as well as qualitative data such as exit interviews, in order to better support and retain diverse attorneys
  • Continue to build and expand on a pipeline for opportunities for diverse attorneys to work with clients
  • Continue to support the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance (LFAA) through the firm’s membership
  • Work with our Pro Bono Counsel to expand on the pro bono opportunities offered that focus on eradicating racial injustice
  • Strengthen the firm’s diverse alumni connections

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