I, Peter Cooke, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • I will ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) remains a core value of the Legal Department and continues to be reflected in how we recruit, develop and advance talent, including for my leadership team.
  • I will actively engage our law firm partners so that they understand, value, and advance our DEI expectations.
  • I will foster and encourage dialogue across the Legal Department to cultivate a culture of active allyship.
  • I will leverage my senior role at BNP Paribas (BNPP) to advance DEI across the institution and support BNPP’s broader DEI initiatives.
  • I will actively participate in LCLD, including by speaking at a BNP Paribas-sponsored LCLD event.

Organizational Commitments

  • We will continue building a strong culture of inclusion within the Legal Department that attracts, develops, and retains diverse talent, particularly through our commitment to seeking certification under the Mansfield Rule for Legal Departments 3.0.
  • We will remain a leader on DEI in BNPP’s global Legal Department and seek opportunities to work with colleagues to expand and / or adapt our regional DEI efforts on a broader scale.
  • We will develop our team members by taking the following actions:
    • Sponsoring at least two (2) LCLD Fellows annually;
    • Supporting the Legal Department’s DEI/BLM Task Force to continue to create and implement programs to improve DEI; and
    •  Sponsoring our team members to participate in DEI-based development programs.
  • We will drive equity and inclusion in the Legal Department, including by:
    • Continuing to roll-out DEI training curriculum;
  • Incorporating DEI topics in our periodic town hall meetings and highlighting the work of Legal Department members in BNPP’s employee resource groups; and
    • Continuing to train and develop our leaders to understand their own biases, improving their cultural competence, and acting as advocates for the value of diversity.
  • We will further leverage our US Pro Bono program to assist diverse, under-resourced, and marginalized communities.
  • With respect to engagement of external counsel, we will collaborate with outside counsel on diversity initiatives, including through our Project Libra.
  • We will partner with and support organizations dedicated to advancing diversity within the legal profession, such as LCLD and Diversity Lab, among others.  
  • We will sponsor, on an annual basis, at least two (2) LCLD Scholars in partnership with a BNPP panel law firm.

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