I, Paul Chan, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • Lead the management team in quarterly meetings with Bird Marella’s Diversity Committee to create increased accountability in fulfilling initiatives
  • Ensure that productive discussions on D&I advancement remain on meeting agendas in the management and partnership level
  • Continue to provide platforms and encourage feedback from colleagues at every department and level of the firm, especially regarding more opportunities for allyship and diversity
  • Continue to use leadership role in advocating for greater diversity and inclusion within the firm and in the legal profession

Organizational Commitments

  • Remain committed to Project CODE, which is the Diversity Committee’s foundational initiative to reinforce the firm’s inclusive and collegial culture: Community and Communication, Outreach, Diverse Culture, and Education
  • Continue working with the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity’s Fellow and Pathfinder programs, uplifting our attorneys of diverse backgrounds and solidifying their opportunities in leadership skill and business development
  • Continue firmwide speaker events and discussions that span topics from mental health and neurodiversity, intersectionality, bystander intervention training, implicit bias, and more to broaden our collective education on significant topics that affect the workplace
  • Craft and implement lasting programs for minority undergraduate or high school students to provide mentorship/internships as they pursue a career in law, criminal justice reform, or social justice
  • Facilitate firm’s continued support of legal public interest and charitable organizations that benefit communities of color and unhoused, disadvantaged, or low-income communities
  • Implement more regular business development meetings with associates dedicated to discussing networking best practices and leadership advancement opportunities for women and minority attorneys
  • Continually expand our pipeline efforts involving Black, Latinx, and other diverse bar associations to broaden the base of attorney applicants


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