I, Paul Cereghini, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • I will work to maintain our firm’s Core Value of being a diverse firm of partners and employees with a leadership role within the legal profession.
  • I will work to ensure our firm continues to deliver the highest caliber of legal services by attorneys and staff who reflect the cultures, values and diversity of the clients and communities we serve.
  • I will use my voice as a leader in my firm and in the profession to advocate for DEI in the legal profession and in my community.
  • I will use my position as chair of my firm to advocate for DEI in firm leadership, work assignments, hiring and compensation.
  • I will personally provide my support for our LCLD Fellow to receive meaningful concrete stretch opportunities (e.g., work assignments, leadership roles).
  • I will participate as a member in my organization’s DE&I Committee and encourage Committee members to discuss their experiences within the organization and make recommendations for how the organization can improve.

Organizational Commitments

  • Inclusive environment. Bowman and Brooke will foster an environment where all lawyers and staff feel included and have a sense of belonging.
  • Training. Bowman and Brooke will require lawyers and staff to participate in DEI training and programs providing opportunities for conversations about race and gender.
  • Formal goals. Bowman and Brooke will have formal DEI goals as well as a framework and methods for measurement of progress toward those goals.
  • Recruiting. Bowman and Brooke will seek opportunities for the firm to participate in recruiting programs geared toward increasing diversity in the profession and will actively recruit lawyers through affinity bar associations. The firm’s interview panels will be staffed with a diverse set of interviewers, and our diversity and inclusion recruiting efforts will extend to support staff.
  • Every attorney accountable. Bowman and Brooke will hold every attorney accountable for upholding the firm’s mission of diversity and inclusion through an Acts of Inclusion Checklist, which lists more than 60 varied activities that attorneys can participate in to promote diversity and inclusion with their colleagues and clients, as well as within their practice, within the firm, within their communities and within their daily lives.
  • Partnership planning. Bowman and Brooke will actively recruit, mentor, and promote to partnership and equity partnership diverse lawyers.
  • Succession planning. Bowman and Brooke will develop client succession plans that ensure opportunities for diverse partners.
  • DEI evaluations for partners. Bowman and Brooke partners will be evaluated on their personal contributions to DEI, including demographics of client teams and the inclusion of diverse lawyers in significant client relationships.
  • Accountability through reporting. The firm will publish statistics showing the percentage of partners, attorneys, and firm management who are members of diverse communities.

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