I, Patricia Brown Holmes, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • To continue to be authentic and sincere about who I am. And lead in a way that makes RSHC a very different place to work and do business.
  • To continue to encourage team members to bring their whole selves and unique gifts to the table.
  • To continue keeping an open-door policy to speak with and listen to attorneys and professional staff across the firm about professional development, personal concerns, and client issues.
  • To continue to encourage the team approach to allow everyone to learn, grow, and capitalize on existing and expanding relationships.
  • To continue to advance DEI by holding myself and my partners accountable for innovative, inclusive behaviors and decisions.
  • To continue mentoring and assisting diverse and female talent to ensure visibility with clients and creating a constant flow of opportunities for attorneys at all levels of experience.

Organizational Commitments

  • Continue making the right institutional supports available to continue creating an inclusive work environment for all and keeping the firm true to its values.
  • Maintain commitment to a continuous process of learning, refining our practices, and culture, and resolutely imagining what is possible in a more diverse and inclusive future for RSHC and the legal industry as a whole.
  • Continue attracting, retaining, nurturing, and advancing lawyers from all groups and walks of life.
  • Maintain the protocol that requires diversity be considered when selecting teams to ensure clients receive a combination of the best minds and skill sets for the particular issues presented by the matter at hand.
  • Maintain mandatory and continuous education and training on DEI topics firmwide.
  • Continue supporting and sponsoring organizations that promote diversity and inclusion in the community.

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