I, Norman Brothers, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • To collaborate with my peers and serve as a champion for achieving greater diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) within UPS, the legal profession, and the broader community.
  • To reinforce a strong culture of DE&I within the UPS Legal Department and ensure DE&I is a key factor in recruitment, development, and succession planning within my department.
  • To continue to expand my personal understanding of DE&I issues.
  • To remain actively engaged with LCLD and other organizations that advance DE&I initiatives and programs.

Organizational Commitment

  • To consistently evaluate diversity metrics of the UPS Legal Department to ensure a diverse composition of legal professionals as varying levels.
  • To support development programs for UPS attorneys, such as the LCLD Fellows Program and the McKinsey Black Leadership Academy.
  • To dedicate a meaningful amount of time, talent, and financial resources to services and organizations that help underrepresented groups advance generally, as well as specifically in the legal profession.
  • To empower employees to have open, courageous conversations on DE&I related topics.
  • To continue to support and encourage active involvement in the UPS Legal Diversity Committee, the UPS Legal Pro Bono Committee, and other DE&I activities and programs.
  • To remain intentional about recruiting diverse talent and ensuring diversity in succession planning for internal positions.
  • To continue to foster the growth and development of diverse attorneys entering the legal profession through ongoing involvement with programs such as the LCLD 1L Scholars Program, the Atlanta Bar Association Minority & Diversity Clerkship Program, and the Atlanta Bar Association Summer Law Internship Program.

External Law Firm Accountability & Relations

  • To oversee the implementation of our outside counsel diversity goals concerning minority and female attorneys accounting for certain percentages of time billed to UPS matters.
  • To require law firms to report diversity metrics on a consistent basis to demonstrate their progress toward our goals.
  • To conduct benchmarking to validate and make any necessary adjustments our outside counsel diversity goals.
  • To continue to have open and transparent one-on-one conversations with law firms, including a conversation during our annual law firm town hall, about the importance of diversity and ways we can collaborate, share best practices, and help each other drive progress in the area of DE&I.
  • To consider diversity factors, such as origination credit, staffing, equity partnership diversity, and succession planning when selecting and retaining law firms.
  • To work with our law firms on succession planning including consideration of diverse candidates for relationship partners.
  • To consider increasing our mix of outside providers to include a more diverse representation of minority and women-owned law firms.


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