I, Nadia Dombrowski, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • I will participate in all internally sponsored diversity, equity, and inclusion learnings to become a more inclusive people leader and lean into difficult conversations to learn from others.
  • I will welcome new ideas from people with a variety of experiences and fresh perspectives.
  • I will be a mentor and be mentored by diverse talent to build a pipeline for qualified candidates wishing to be part of the MetaBank Legal team.
  • I will participate in Employee Resource Group sponsored activities to build my capacity for allyship and advocacy for underrepresented groups.

Organizational Commitments

For MetaBank and our Legal team, I commit to:

  • Driving inclusion among our practices to support the diversity, equity, and inclusion team’s strategic priorities for our employees, our customers, partners, and the communities we serve.
  • MetaBank’s DEI strategic priority goals include:
    • Goal #1: Cultivating a culture that empowers employees to grow while increasing representation that fosters innovation.
    • Goal #2: Driving economic mobility for our customers and partners through our network.
    • Goal #3: Driving and supporting economic mobility for underrepresented populations.
    • Goal #4: Positioning MetaBank as an inclusive organization by highlighting our DEI endeavors internally and externally.
    • I will ensure that leaders in my department have a professional performance plan that is directly linked to the DEI strategic priorities goals of MetaBank.
  • I will identify opportunities for improvement within our policies and procedures to facilitate growth for employees, customers, and suppliers who represent underrepresented groups.
  • I will review our master services agreements to verify they include inclusive language.
  • I will reinforce DEI topics in our department meetings.
  • I will encourage a diverse slate of candidates and require a diverse interview panel for open positions in the Legal department.

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