I, Nabanita Nag, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will continue to collaborate with my peers and seek opportunities to lead and advocate for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the legal profession.
  • I will reinforce and support the commitment to hire, retain, mentor, develop, and promote a diverse legal team in our Law Department.
  • I will remain committed to continual benchmarking and creating best practices that bring forth diversity that impacts, positively, the bottom-line or employee engagement.
  • I will strive to learn and grow in my personal understanding of DEI issues and challenges in the legal profession and within the NS organization as a whole.  
  • I will ensure that DEI remains a Core Value and helps drive our decisions in the Law Department and within the NS organization.
  • I will hold our legal service partners accountable for meeting our DEI goals specified in our outside counsel DEI policy.
  • I will continue to actively support NS Employee Resource Groups as a member, as an ally, and as an Executive Sponsor.
  • I will be engaged in the LCLD organization, including actively learning from NS participants in LCLD programs and inviting their feedback to the improve DEI within the NS Law Department.
  • I will use my visibility and influence to encourage healthy debate, cultural awareness and philanthropy of diversity-focused initiatives.
  • I will support involvement of Law Department members with Employee Resource Groups and other internal firmwide DEI initiatives.
  • I will encourage and support involvement of Law Department members in external DEI groups, such as diverse Bar associations.
  • I will encourage collective ownership of the Law Department’s DEI strategy and initiative in alignment with the NS organization’s priorities to drive further engagement and commitment.

Organizational Commitment

  • Via formal rotation programs, cross-functional projects, and mentoring programs, the NS Law Department will continue to develop its workforce to expose them to training and opportunities beyond their current responsibilities to provide additional opportunities and advancement.  
  • Increase the number of DEI specific events hosted by the NS Law Department.
  • Continue to maintain an environment in which every member of the NS Law Department can bring their most authentic selves to the workplace.
  • By way of Norfolk Southern Corporation’s values and priorities, and pro-bono partnerships, I will continue to encourage good corporate citizenship among teammates and team members.
  • Ensure that diverse slates of candidates are considered for hiring, promotion, and succession planning within the Law Department and support this same initiative within the NS organization.
  • Actively identify, endorse, and support outside counsel firms with diverse partners and associates dedicated to Norfolk Southern Corporation matters.
  • Expand diverse law students’ experience and exposure to in-house legal practice by providing a summer associate program through LCLD 1L Scholar and other similar programs.

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