I, Murray Garnick, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Use my leadership position to advance and foster inclusion, diversity and equity within the Altria Law Department and the Company. 
  • To ensure that inclusion, diversity, and equity are reflected in the recruitment, development and advancement of our talent in the Altria Law Department.
  • To expect our outside counsel to demonstrate a commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equity.
  • To ensure that our outside counsel provide opportunities for women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and covered veterans at all levels within their firms. 
  • To mentor and sponsor diverse talent in the Company.

Organizational Commitment

  • Support Law Department-wide “Diversity Dialogue” conversations that deepen the understanding of inclusion, diversity, and equity issues.
  • Support Law Department pro bono efforts and volunteer activities that address social justice issues and serve underrepresented groups.
  • Ensure that each Law Department employee’s individual contribution to inclusion, diversity, and equity is reviewed during Law Department performance review process.  
  • Utilize Company Recognition Awards to highlight Law Department employees who have shown a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity.
  • Require outside counsel to provide diverse “Relationship Partners” and staff Law Department matters with diverse team. 
  • Require annual diversity reporting from all outside counsel firms, as well as individual diversity profiles for all timekeepers, attorneys and non-attorneys, billing on Altria matters. 
  • Support the development of diverse outside counsel through the Altria Trial College and other related outside counsel programs.
  • Support organizations, such as LCLD, in their efforts to advance inclusion, diversity, and equity in the legal profession.

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