I, Michelle Browdy, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • To model an inclusive environment where IBMers from diverse backgrounds and communities feel supported to be their authentic selves and achieve their greatest potential.
  • To foster and encourage open dialogue across the Department to create a culture where we learn from each other, are active allies, and every IBMer feels valued.
  • To continue to address representation in the Department, against which my senior staff and I are measured, including by continuing to consider diverse slates of candidates for roles and seeing that diversity and inclusion (D&I) remain an important element in succession planning.
  • To continue to comply with IBM’s Emb(race) Pledge, to which my senior leadership team and I have committed, which states:
    • I pledge not to remain silent.
    • I pledge to better understand the Black experience.
    • I pledge to fully embrace race and ethnicity with empathy.
    • I pledge to demonstrate equality through action.
    • I pledge to create safe spaces to speak.
    • I pledge to be an upstander in every environment.
    • I pledge to become an ally.

Organizational Commitment

  • To continue to expect everyone in the Department to have a D&I goal among their annual business objectives.
  • To expect all managers to complete required D&I training and to encourage everyone in the Department to annually complete at least one D&I offering.
  • To continue advocating externally for policies that promote equality, including advocacy in support of equal rights globally, for policies that foster a more inclusive workforce, and to ensure AI is employed ethically and responsibly.
  • To expect IBM’s outside law firms to be at the forefront of driving and advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal profession. My senior leadership team and I will continue to hold our outside counsel accountable:
    • To regularly report on diversity metrics, such as by completing the ABA’s Model Diversity Survey.
    • To staff IBM matters with diverse teams.
    • To provide mentorship, training, and recognition to develop the careers of those teams.

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