I, Michael R. Nestor, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • Actively participate in and look to benefit personally (and for Young Conaway) from the members of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity ("LCLD”).
  • Continue to support and lead Young Conway’s dedication to its DEI Strategic Plan (attached hereto)
  • Serve as an active liaison between LCLD and Young Conaway to facilitate and achieve Young Conaway’s organizational initiatives, goals, implementation strategies, and best practices.
  • Implement the benefits, objectives and ideas of the LCLD organization for the benefit of Young Conaway’s diverse personnel and under-represented candidates in the Wilmington, Delaware community.
  • Support efforts that benefit underrepresented students in Wilmington Delaware including, without limitation, Stubbs Elementary School, Serviam Academy, and Delaware Law School.
  • Continue to mentor diverse attorneys at Young Conaway, and diverse students at Delaware Law School and in the community.
  • Continue to implement the message of our DEI Director, Deb Edwards that “Every decision at the Firm be made with consideration of and the impact upon diversity, equity and inclusion.”
  • Work with leaders within Young Conaway and at other large Delaware firms to fundamentally implement diversity, equity and inclusion best practices, and achieve social justice and racial equity, within the Delaware bar.
  • In 2020-21, Young Conaway formed several affinity groups to provide a forum for those with diverse backgrounds throughout the Firm. I have joined each group to ensure that the leadership at Young Conaway better understands the challenges, considerations and goals of the members of each group.

Organizational Commitments

  • Continue the collaboration between the Firm’s Diversity Committee and Management Committee to achieve the results set forth in our DEI Strategic Plan, with input from the LCLD community and its vast experience and expertise.
  • Young Conaway engaged Nextions in 2021 to conduct an audit of diversity, equity and inclusion within the Firm. Our goal is to utilize and benefit from the results of the audit, go-forward engagement with Nextions, and our DEI Strategic Plan to address the identified shortcomings going forward.
  • Provide opportunities to diverse candidates in the Wilmington community at Young Conaway and through LCLD programs.
  • Engage in hiring practices that consider factors and considerations that are different than those traditionally utilized to assess talent. For instance, rather than focusing on a candidate’s GPA or the perceived prestige of a candidate’s law school, we should focus on diversity of backgrounds, whether a candidate is a first generation lawyer, work experience, socioeconomic challenges, and support of candidates from the Firm’s community.
  • Ensure that we continue to review and assess our overall goals regarding social justice, and address the same within the contours of and through the DEI Strategic Plan. 
  • Provide the full support of the Firm to those attorneys doing social justice, racial equality and culture work within and outside of the Firm.
  • Objectively account for the number of attorneys at the Firm who have committed to invest their time and resources in social justice initiatives (i.e. Office of the Child Advocate, Community Legal Aid, Action for Delaware’s Children, and related not-forprofits dedicated to the under-privileged and under-represented).
  • Implement a speaker series within the Firm to address issues related to social justice and diversity, equity and inclusion. The subject of the first such program scheduled for Q1 will be “imposter syndrome.”

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