I, Michael Millikan, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • I will use my position as Chief Managing Partner to ensure Ice Miller has a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion and that DEI remains a core value of our firm.
  • I will support the firm’s DEI strategic plan and ensure that DEI is a factor into all major decisions and policies, including the firm’s overall strategic plan.
  • I will continue to implement structural changes to eliminate bias in performance evaluations, promotions and work allocation.
  • I will seek to create more opportunities for our diverse attorneys and business professionals to serve in leadership roles.
  • I will continue to support, encourage and grow our firm’s pro bono efforts by dedicating the resources needed to make a difference.
  • I will continue to meet monthly with our Diversity and Inclusion Council Leadership Team, with our Racial Justice Taskforce and with the Partner-in-Charge of Diversity and Inclusion.
  • I will focus on continuing to be intentional in our recruiting of diverse lawyers and business professionals.

Organizational Commitments

  • Our firm will launch a new multi-year diversity, equity, inclusion and access strategic plan by Q1 2023.
  • Within two years, our firm will complete a work allocation pilot, for first-year associates in our two largest practice groups, that is focused on cohort billable hours and opportunity parity, supervising partner exposure parity and cross-office work allocation.
  • We will continue to sponsor opportunities for our historically underrepresented attorneys to participate in national-level development and relationship building programs.
  • We will continue to sponsor firm-based affinity networks for our historically underrepresented attorneys (people of color, LGBTQ+ identified people, people with disabilities, first generation professionals).
  • We will continue to support the firm’s Racial Justice Task Force and pro bono programs to amplify the legal rights and voices of communities of color and to create an environment where opportunities in and access to the legal, social and economic systems are equitable.

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