I, Michael Hankinson, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Listening and learning from the voices that call out for greater diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. 
  • Accepting all feedback regarding my thoughts, words, and actions on DEIB, as a gift.
  • Leveraging my voice and role as Chief Legal Officer to sustain DEIB momentum, advocating for greater commitment to DEIB, and turning words into action. 
  • Exploring the complexities of inter- and intra-minority dynamics as it relates to DEIB and opportunities given, and ensuring that I don’t unconsciously leave some behind. 
  • Advocating for practices that afford diverse team members equal access to opportunities that can advance their standing and potential for leadership positions.
  • Acknowledging that employees may face challenges or inequities as a result of historical prejudices, racism, policies, practices or biases, and work to ensure that such past challenges or inequities do not prevent them from realizing their potential.
  • Watching for acts of unconscious bias, discrimination, exclusion or micro-aggression,  and speaking out against such behaviors, and encouraging my team to do the same. 

Organizational Commitment

  • Partnering with the dedicated DEIB team to ensure our diverse employees are afforded equity in compensation and personal development opportunities 
  • Socializing the value of Mansfield beyond the Legal Division to inform and drive talent acquisition and succession planning towards greater diversity in recruiting and leadership positions. 
  • Leveraging our “Seen and Heard” Speaker series and our growing number of affinity groups (Employee Resource Groups) to advance DEIB action.


  • Maintain Mansfield Certification Plus and LCLD Top Performer 
  • Maintaining 50% diversity in succession pipeline for divisional leadership positions.
  • Sponsoring and participating in bi-monthly “Circle of Trust” brown bag meetings to explore DEIB topics in greater depth. 
  • Maintaining 50% diversity in succession pipeline for divisional leadership positions.
  • Engaging outside firms to provide quarterly CLE and other training to our division using diverse lawyers and talent. 
  • Commencing mentorship of four (4) new high potential employees in 2021, continuing existing mentorships with three (3) diverse mentees. At least 50% of mentees shall be diverse. 
  • Determine if our DEIB efforts are translating into value through (i) the concentration of diversity, (ii) our diverse employees believing they can realize their professional potential at our organization, and (iii) our diverse employees feeling a sense of belonging and inclusion sufficient to truly speak truth to power. 
  • Actively support the LCLD through active participation in:
    • Leadership Summit, Annual Meeting and Fellows and Pathfinders meetings
    • Fellows, Pathfinders, Mentoring and 1L Scholars program
    • Sponsorship of Leadership Lunch events 

Make a move,
join the movement.

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