I, Matthew Taylor, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment 

  • I will use my voice and visibility to advocate for diversity and inclusion at Duane Morris, in the legal profession and in the community.
  • I will continue to support the ongoing efforts at the firm to create and sustain a culture of diversity and inclusiveness. By attending and speaking at our annual Vashon Lecture and Diversity Retreat, the diversity panels at our firm wide meetings and traveling to D&I events throughout our national network of offices, I want to make clear that I believe in the value and importance of diversity and inclusion. These are core values of the firm. They are also my own.
  • I will continue to learn from the members of my firm and the community. I will listen to those who have not always been heard. I will look for different views and understand that we can have very different experiences from the same event and environment.
  • I will meet annually with other law firm leaders to share ideas on how to promote diversity and inclusion.
  • I will serve as a mentor to diverse associates and diverse partners, and continue to encourage others in my firm to do so as well.

Organizational Commitment 

  • I will ensure that the Duane Morris Diversity & Inclusion Program, led by Joseph K. West, Trial Partner and Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, continues to have full support of the firm and the resources needed to achieve our diversity goals.
  • Compensation evaluation metrics for partners and administrative leaders and managers will include diversity and inclusion components, including demographics of client matter teams, occasions when the partner has designated a diverse lawyer to serve in a senior client relationship role, introduction of diverse lawyers into client relationships, etc.
  • We will provide an allowance for diversity and inclusion related work and activities to count toward billable hour requirements.

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