I, Mark Stewart, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment 

  • Use every opportunity, both internally and externally, to highlight the Firm’s core principles, including commitment to the development of a diverse workforce in which lawyers and staff from varied perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences have a path to success
  • Work closely with the Firm’s Board and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council  to promote equity within the Firm and to work with organizations promoting racial equity in the community
  • Transition my key clients to lawyers of color whenever possible
  • Meet regularly with our lawyers of color with the primary goal of listening to their concerns and suggestions
  • Meet quarterly with Ballard’s LCLD Fellow and Pathfinder
  • Move out of my comfort zone to seek out lawyers of color at internal and external meetings

Organizational Commitment 

  • Make no appointments to leadership positions at the Firm without first considering candidates of color – both for positions held by lawyers and those held by administrative leaders – and wherever possible interviewing lawyers of color for such positions 
  • Closely monitor the transition of client responsibilities to ensure that our practices are equitable and include opportunities for lawyers of color in the transition of clients 
  • Promote our goal of ensuring that, by 2023, 18.8% of the lawyers in the Firm are lawyers of color
  • Ensure that our lawyers and staff of color have appropriate mentors and other career support
  • Continue to support the INVEST program and its emphasis on career development opportunities for lawyers from diverse backgrounds
  • Implement unconscious bias training for Firm leaders and mandatory diversity education for all lawyers and staff
  • Conduct an audit of Firm processes to identify and eliminate racial disparities and other bias 
  • Consistently achieve Mansfield Certification 
  • Ensure that partner and associate compensation systems reward diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts 
  • Support the expansion of the firm's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to include staff 

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join the movement.

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