I, Mark Morris, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Meet regularly with the Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer to continue developing frameworks that fulfill our strategic DE&I objectives.
  • Meet regularly with the DEI Council to hear and address the concerns and recommendations of its constituent members.
  • Connect with at least six Firm clients to better understand their expectations around DE&I for law firm partners, to share the Firm’s commitment to enhance the diversity of our attorneys and the profession, and to discuss opportunities to work together toward advancing the careers of specific underrepresented attorneys at the Firm.
  • Participate meaningfully in the oversight of the Firm’s sponsorship program for underrepresented attorneys.

Organizational Commitment

  • Develop and implement procedures and processes focused on holding partners accountable for the success of the Firm’s DE&I efforts.
  • Support the development of programs focused on retention and advancement of underrepresented attorneys, including a sponsorship program.
  • Implement a firmwide educational program focused on expanding Firm employees’ understanding of all dimensions of DE&I.
  • Actively consider diversity and inclusion in managing and implementing client succession plans. 
  • Continue to provide attorneys with 50 hours of billable hour credit for DE&I activities.
  • Support the Business Development team to ensure that pitch teams reflect the diversity of the Firm and ensure that the diversity of pitch teams is further reflected in staffing decisions for client matters.
  • Continue to build a diverse supplier/vendor program with the goal of increasing the number of and spend with diverse vendors.
  • Continue participation in programs designed to build a pipeline of diverse lawyers not only for the Firm, but also to the legal profession.
  • Achieve Mansfield Rule certification every year.Publish this pledge on the Firm’s internal and external websites.


  • Ensure that at least 30 percent of protegés in the sponsorship annual program, when fully implemented, identify as underrepresented lawyers (defined as women lawyers, underrepresented racial/ethnic minority lawyers, LGBTQ+ lawyers, lawyers with disabilities, and veterans).

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