I, Marc Monteleone, personally commit to the following:

  • I will champion diversity and inclusion at our firm in all that I do, and lead by example.
  • I will increase our firm’s diversity efforts by expanding our diversity committee and increasing its charge to include a wider range of diversity and inclusion issues.
  • I will review and insist upon ongoing pay equity analysis of our lawyer compensation system and programs and take steps to address any apparent inequities that may appear from such review.
  • I will regularly communicate among our partners at Bowles Rice on diversity and inclusion issues, progress, successes and areas of improvement through the circulation of internal attorney diversity newsletters, including the diversity statistics, and share diversity information with our attorneys.
  • I will continue to provide leadership opportunities in our firm to diverse lawyers, including opportunities to serve as department chairs, practice group leaders, executive committee members and other leadership committees. 
  • I will ensure that diversity is actively taken into account in staffing all client work. 
  • During my meetings with associates, I will discuss and address our commitment to diversity and inclusion and diversity issues being address by firm leadership. 
  • I will ensure that our Recruiting Partner and recruiting teams actively recruit diverse candidates for attorney and staff positions in our law firm, and that all firm recruiting teams include at least one diverse team member.

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