I, Mala Harker, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment 

  • Use my leadership role within Friedman Kaplan to advocate for and promote diversity and true inclusion within the firm and broader legal community
  • Meet semiannually with the firm’s LCLD Fellows, Pathfinders, and alumni to discuss ideas for improving the firm’s DEI efforts
  • Formalize a process that encourages employees to bring ideas for DEI improvements to me, other members of the firm’s Management Committee, or the firm’s human resources contact
  • Ensure that women, people of color, and those of diverse backgrounds at my firm are aware of various professional organizations available to support their development and networking opportunities, and encourage them to join and become actively involved
  • Serve as a resource and mentor to women and attorneys of color, including inviting them to join me in participating in business development opportunities and professional organization activities
  • Identify clients and prospective clients to speak with about collaborating on advancing our mutual DEI goals, including pipeline initiatives specifically designed to increase diversity within the profession 

Organizational Commitment 

  • Increase Friedman Kaplan’s participation with organizations working to attract more diverse candidates into the legal profession
  • Mandate annual anti-racism and unconscious bias training for all attorneys and staff with supervisory roles
  • Offer DEI programming for all levels of the organization, including allyship topics and programming designed to assist and support employees considering pursuing law school 
  • Ensure that the firm’s commitment to DEI and our DEI goals are conveyed regularly, both publicly and within the firm
  • Continue meaningful engagement with LCLD and other DEI-focused organizations in the legal profession
  • Increase the firm’s pro bono work specifically related to combatting systemic racism, including through our membership in the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance
  • Explore Mansfield Certification for the firm
  • Increase the firm’s focus on wellness and mental health awareness, resources, support, and initiatives for all of our employees

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join the movement.

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