I, Madeleine McDonough, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • As Chair of a top litigation firm, I will continue to use my voice and platform to advocate for systemic change within the legal profession.
  • I will continue to stay personally involved with our diversity initiatives and programs, including but not limited to our D&I Committee, ERGs, leadership efforts, and client D&I partnerships.
  • I will commit to continuing to be transparent with our workforce in all aspects of the firm.
  • I will continue to keep D&I in the forefront by reporting on it at every opportunity, including firmwide communications and open forum meetings.
  • I personally commit to lead by example and bill a minimum of 100 hours under our new D&I billable hours allotment.
  • I will meet with associates and junior partners quarterly to obtain feedback on their experience as a means to address any issues or challenges they are facing.
  • I will personally sponsor a minority attorney every year.

Organizational Commitments

  • We will ensure our client succession planning includes a diverse representation of relationship partners.
  • We will continue to increase minority representation among our PMP and OMP ranks over the next 3 years.
  • We will increase minority representation on the teams of our top 25 clients.
  • We have committed to and will secure a formal diversity supplier program.
  • We have committed to the Mansfield Rule and will strive to exceed those requirements.
  • We will continue to increase our partnerships and collaboration efforts with clients related to D&I initiatives.
  • We will commit to a formalized program in work allocation and tracking billable hours to ensure equitable client opportunities for all attorneys across the firm.
  • We will continue to have an intentional focus on increasing the percentage of minority lawyers promoted into partnership annually.
  • We will continue to add new law schools to our recruiting efforts that have a high percentage of law students from historically underrepresented groups.
  • Practice group leaders will have D&I goals built into their annual plans, will formally report on their status, and will be held accountable for reaching those goals.
  • We will implement firmwide mandatory implicit bias training and include such training in onboarding and new hire training plus add a version of it to our required annual training for all attorneys and professional staff.
  • We will add the self-identification process into our annual benefits enrollment process.

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