I, Lucia Coyoca, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • Lead through listening and promote a culture of communication.
  • Champion our DEI efforts internally in the Firm and advocate for DEI externally with our clients, the courts, and in the legal community.
  • Invest in future generations by promoting opportunities for our diverse associates to grow and succeed.
  • Work to ensure our assignment, promotion, and compensation systems and processes are free of bias.
  • Personally meet with every new attorney to the Firm to emphasize our commitment to DEI.

Organizational Commitments

  • Establish new policies, and strengthen the implementation of existing policies, that address diversity in hiring, retention, promotion, compensation and succession, and ensure that we have written policies as to each.
  • Keep DEI principles at the forefront of the Firm’s hiring and promotion processes.
  • Partner with clients to ensure diverse lawyers have meaningful opportunities to work on and make visible contributions to their matters.
  • Promote our DEI principles externally to encourage the advancement of DEI in the legal profession.
  • Continue to educate and inform within our organization by sponsoring programming directed to inclusiveness, communication skills-building, and overcoming implicit bias.
  • Identify and work with external organizations that are focused on systemic change to ensure the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are advanced in the legal profession.

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