I, Leslie Packer, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Learn from and contribute to conversations with my fellow LCLD members to devise and implement DEI best practices in our firms. 
  • Continually review and re-address our daily/weekly DEI practices ensuring we are moving steadily toward our goal of a fully integrated and tolerant culture. (metric: monthly review of all activities)
  • Host quarterly Women Lawyers & Leaders events focusing on women in the profession, pervasive issues affecting women, and building community and support within the group. (metric: quarterly events) 
  • Develop an initiative to collaborate with female clients on DEI issues including recruiting, mentoring, and advancement for diverse employees. (metric: two activities annually)
  • Mentor a diverse younger-in-practice lawyer each year. (metric: select, build relationship and mentor each year)

Organizational Commitment

  • Provide DEI training opportunities for our attorneys and staff twice per year. (metric: two training programs per year) 
  • Firm administration will review and vet vendors before selection to ensure we are availing opportunities to diverse businesses for our product and service needs. (metric: annual review) 
  • Review our recruiting practices annually to make certain we are engaging in the most up-to-date practices to attract diverse candidates. (metric: annual review)
  • Extend our staff recruiting activities with a goal of hiring a diverse staff member one out of each three hires. (metric: diverse staff hires for one of three positions) 
  • Participate in the LCLD 1L Scholar program (metric: hire diverse 1L student annually)
  • Hire a diverse candidate from the summer program or through lateral recruiting each year for the foreseeable future. (metric: one diverse hire each year)
  • Develop a “core competency” standard for associates to alleviate bias and confirm impartial evaluations with the goal of more transparency concerning advancement. (metric: develop core competencies for practice areas) 
  • Create a monthly writing workshop program for all new associates and assign writing mentors to provide support and assistance. Communication styles vary widely as we continue to broaden our recruiting reach. This program will support our “core competency” standards and further alleviate any possible bias. (metric: program in process in 2022)   
  • Participate in the LCLD Pathfinders Program (metric: identify and nominate current associate for participation)
  • Provide objective measurements of time spent on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts. (metric: create a billing code to measure time spent and acknowledge individual contributions)
  • Continue to sponsor and financially assist majority-diverse primary schools in each of our geographic locations (Greensboro and Raleigh, NC) each year. (metric: involvement and financial contributions annually) 

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