I, Lauren Mogensen, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will advocate as a leader in my organization and in my industry for allyship for diversity and inclusivity.  

Organizational Commitment

  • I will work with LCLD Member law firms to continue our secondment with diverse attorneys. 
  • I will continue to take meaningful steps to drive diverse representation at all levels of the company, building a culture where our employees feel comfortable being who they are and bringing their whole selves to work with equal access to opportunities regardless of their differences. 
  • I will continue to drive accountability within my team and across the company by driving towards action-oriented goals, measuring progress, helping ensure managers are responsible for driving advancement on our teams, and building a robust pipeline of emerging talent through recruitment and partnerships. 
  • I will ensure Legal Department leaders are committed to enhancing existing mentoring/reverse mentoring and sponsorship relationships to help navigate career challenges and as a means to developing powerful allies and advocates, partnering with law firms.  

External Supplier Engagements

  • I will continue to support the growth of diverse-owned suppliers through our Supplier Diversity & Responsible Sourcing Program, including in identifying law firms and other legal service providers with diverse ownership, which in turn helps communities thrive through business development and job growth.

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