I, Kevin Weakley, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • Use my role to continue to advocate for and support diversity, equity and inclusion within the firm and our legal community;
  • Help promote a culture of belonging and inclusion where our employees can feel comfortable being their own true selves;
  • Commit my time and energy to attending events and supporting organizations like LCLD to improve my knowledge and understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion issues;
  • Continue to collaborate with clients, other attorneys and local business leaders to attend and support diversity, equity and inclusion programs and initiatives.

Organizational Commitments

  • Continue working with our firm's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee to provide education and awareness training to all employees on issues involving diversity, equity and inclusion;
  • Help support meaningful recruitment activities aimed at attracting diverse employees;
  • Work to promote and develop programming and initiatives that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace;
  • Solicit input from individuals who have different backgrounds and perspectives to provide for a more diverse perspective to our decision making processes.

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