I, Kevin McLaughlin, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • I will use my position as CEO to drive meaningful change within my organization, particularly around hiring, advancement and representation in leadership of people from historically excluded backgrounds. 
  • I will continue to ensure that equity remains at the forefront of all decisions made concerning the governance and operation of the firm.
  • I will ensure Greensfelder remains a strong and reliable partner in efforts to advance equity in the broader communities where we are located (St. Louis metropolitan area and Chicago). 
  • As several of our clients share our strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, I will work with my fellow partners to deepen those relationships and strategize on how to achieve our collective DEI goals. 

Organizational Commitment

  • Greensfelder will add formal reports on diversity and inclusion activities as a routine agenda item during the firm’s Board of Directors, Industry Group and Practice Group Leader meetings. 
  • Greensfelder will make easily accessible to all employees our standards for leadership positions and avenues relating to advancement within the firm (governance, practice and industry groups, compensation committees, origination credit, etc.).
  • Greensfelder will meaningfully adopt measures incentivizing partner behavior to align with progress on Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Greensfelder will expand billable hour credit for activities that promote DEI to all attorneys.
  • Greensfelder will review and adopt work allocation practices across all practice groups to ensure equitable distribution of work and support professional development. 

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