I, Kenneth Florin, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Use my voice as a leader in my organization and in the profession to advocate for DEI as well as continue my active participation in and support of firm DEI initiatives. 
  • I will encourage members of the firm’s leadership committees to actively participate and support internal and external DEI programming and initiatives.
  • Lead by example by maintaining a diverse leadership team of lawyers who are in charge of offices, practice groups and committees, and ensure that our firm leadership pipeline includes diverse lawyers.
  • Meet with the firm’s Fellows, Pathfinders, and Alumni annually to discuss their experiences and how the firm can continue to support their success in the legal profession.
  • Use my position among our firm’s leadership to examine hiring, evaluation and promotion practices to determine how they support or prohibit progress, and work to implement interventions to remove barriers accordingly.
  • Engage with our Affinity Group leaders, including the leaders of our Attorneys of Color and Ethnic Diversity (ACED), Women’s LEAD, Loeb Pride, and Black@Loeb, to reaffirm my personal commitment to DEI and to discuss concerns and suggestions for improvement.
  • Reach out to clients and other law firm leaders to brainstorm on effective ways to increase DEI in our industry and share best practices and lessons learned.
  • Encourage partners to share information about the firm’s DEI initiatives when meeting with clients.

Organizational Commitment

  • Commit resources, including providing support to the firm’s affinity groups, and investing in a DEI team to ensure that we meet our DEI goals and support an inclusive workforce.
  • Work with leadership to meet our goals under the Mansfield Rule, including in how we select our leaders and create paths towards leadership.
  • Examine our quantitative diversity metrics, including our attrition and promotion data of diverse lawyers, as well as qualitative data such as exit interviews.
  • Create best-in-class policies and practices that advance our diversity and inclusion goals, and work to dismantle informal, unspoken rules that interrupt the effectiveness of our policies and practices.
  • Invest in firmwide education and training around issues of DEI.
  • Continue to measure our inclusiveness through an annual firmwide survey.
  • Build and maintain strategic diversity partnerships with clients, diversity organizations, and the community.

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