I, Kamla Alexander, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment 

  • I will mentor and assist underrepresented talent—inside and outside of the Americas Legal & Compliance (L&C) function—to ensure visibility to leaders across the enterprise, access to development opportunities (such as McKinsey Connected Leaders Academy (MCLA) or LCLD, etc.), and challenging experiences to ensure personal and professional development and growth.  
  • I will encourage all staff in my Americas L&C function upskill in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) competency and advocacy (e.g., more deeply understanding bias; how to have conversations around race and other differences; understanding privilege and being an upstander/ally; actions relevant to their role), are actively engaged in dentsu’s DEI efforts, and have a safe space to engage and understand systemic issues for underrepresented groups.  I will hold my executive leadership team accountable for their DEI involvement, and inclusive and equitable actions in their daily work and decisions, through their performance reviews. 

Organizational Commitment 

  • The demographics of my Americas L&C function will continue to meet or exceed dentsu’s representation goals by 2025:
    • maintaining or overachieving gender parity at all levels, which requires reaching gender parity for women in executive roles, and
    • BIPOC representation at 30% or higher, with executive roles at 25% or higher.
  • I will review in detail the semi-annual employee engagement results for my Americas L&C function, including deep dives into differences by demographic where possible, in addition to the summary results and comments.
  • I will require all law firms to provide DEI reporting as required by dentsu’s outside counsel guidelines and terminate relationships where the reports do not manifest a commitment by the firm to DEI.

External Impact and Accountability: 

  • I will continue to champion DEI as part of my leadership role at dentsu and use my voice for the advancement of DEI in the larger legal community to influence and engage others to make positive changes.  I will do this by speaking on panels, attending conferences and through active participation on non-profit DEI related boards like the National Bar Association and other similar organizations.
  • I will share best practices and learnings, as appropriate, with others in my network—inside and outside of the legal profession—to help advance progress and opportunities across industries.
  • I will partner with an LCLD member law firm to host:
    • an LCLD Leadership Lunch, and 
    • a summer LCLD intern from an underrepresented background. 

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