I, Julie Rottenberg, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

I will work to create and sustain an intentionally inclusive and diverse culture at Visa, so that every employee feels respected, valued, and inspired to bring their unique identity, backgrounds and ideas to work. I believe that a culture of true inclusion and diversity has the power to ignite greater innovation and deeper partnerships while harnessing the collective wisdom of our varied and unique expertise, experiences, and perspectives.

Organizational Commitment

We will continue to promote inclusion and diversity within our Legal, Ethics & Compliance department and in the legal profession with a focus on four key pillars:

  • Development and Advancement/Growth of Diverse Talent

    Support Visa’s goals to increase the number of underrepresented employees in the US and increase female representation at all levels globally.

    Strategically support professional organizations that promote inclusion and diversity in the legal profession and make available information, tools, and opportunities for growth and recognition for diverse employees.

  • Education and Awareness

    Drive culture, engagement, and allyship individually and on an organizational level, through department educational and awareness efforts.

    Continue to educate our Legal, Ethics & Compliance employees about experiences and challenges faced by marginalized communities.

  • External Engagement and Partnerships

    Foster and maintain relationships and programs with external reach to broaden our impact in the legal profession, and to that end:
    • Elevate our diverse law school internship program with focus on enhancing the legal careers of rising second-year law students with diverse backgrounds.
    • Through our inclusion and diversity program for law firms, seek diversity in the teams of attorneys supporting Visa and encourage our partner firms to provide their diverse attorneys with meaningful development and leadership opportunities and reward them with fair credit for the high-quality work they produce for Visa.
  • Impact and Accountability

    Further a culture of inclusion and diversity including by ensuring that all Visa Legal, Ethics & Compliance department team members establish annually at least one inclusion and diversity goal.


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