I, Joseph McConnell, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitments

  • I will use my voice as a leader at Morgan, Brown & Joy and in the local and national legal profession to advocate for and support DEI initiatives in our firm, the legal profession and our local communities.
  • I will use my position within our firm’s leadership to advocate for changes to improve the equity of processes such as work assignments, hiring, and compensation.
  • I will work to ensure that opportunities for advancement within our firm are equally available to all of our diverse talent, including by advocating for the creation of such promotional opportunities.
  • I will hold other partners in our firm accountable for supporting our DEI initiatives.
  • I will work with our firm’s Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement team to promote equity within our firm, the legal profession and our local communities.
  • I will personally connect with the diverse employees within our firm, to be a resource and an advocate for them.
  • I will personally mentor a diverse associate to assist that person to grow in the firm toward consideration for partnership.
  • I will personally assist that mentee to obtain concrete opportunities in local and national legal committees to increase exposure and visibility to other attorneys and potential clients.
  • I will continued to reflect and educate myself on DEI-related issues, including by listening to and learning from the experiences of diverse colleagues in the legal profession.

Organizational Commitments

  • MBJ will participate in and support a wide range of professional activities such as community partnerships, sponsorships and other activities that support DEI in our firm, the legal profession and our local communities.
  • MBJ will strongly encourage, and provide incentives to, all of our staff and attorneys to contribute to our DEI efforts in meaningful ways, including by supporting community service and pro bono work that support such efforts.
  • MBJ will devote significant time and energy to recruit and retain a diverse team of staff and attorneys, including by supporting (financially and otherwise) their desire to participate and assume leadership roles in affinity bar associations, host events at the firm, speak, and train people on issues related to DEI.
  • MBJ will ensure that DEI are principles in all recruiting initiatives, and we shall broaden the scope of our recruitment practices to ensure we are reaching a more diverse group of candidates.
  • MBJ will provide our underrepresented groups of employees with access to the resources and support, as well as assignments and opportunities, they need to be successful in their careers.
  • MBJ will work to create, foster and promote opportunities for advancement within our firm for our diverse colleagues, including with respect to positions of leadership within the firm.
  • MBJ will commit resources to support our DEI initiatives, including through our Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement team.
  • Members of MBJ’s leadership shall actively participate in and support the firm’s DEI initiatives.
  • MBJ will encourage our partners to share our DEI initiatives with our clients and others in the legal profession.
  • MBJ will provide opportunities for all members of the firm be a part of, or otherwise participate in, our Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement team so that everyone’s voice may be heard.
  • MBJ will make our DEI initiatives and resources available throughout the firm so that they may be accessed by all employees.
  • MBJ will build upon our DEI-related educational/awareness efforts for our staff and attorneys.
  • MBJ will continue to review our DEI initiatives and evaluate opportunities for further improvement.


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