I, Joseph Dougherty, personally commit to the following:

Personal Commitment

  • Be committed, and share that personal commitment, both internally and externally, to highlighting and affirming the Firm’s core principles, including commitment to support and champion Buchanan’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Work closely with the Firm’s Diversity Council to promote equity within the Firm and to work with organizations promoting racial equity in the community.
  • Serve as a sponsor for a woman and an attorney from an underrepresented group to create opportunities and advocate for their advancement within the firm and the profession.
  • Schedule coffee or lunch with women or attorneys from underrepresented groups during each visit to one of the firm offices (selecting a new office each month during the virtual environment) to provide these attorneys with access to senior management.
  • Collaborate with our Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer to host and participate in two seminars or workshops geared toward increasing awareness of issues affecting women and individuals from underrepresented groups.
  • Always act as an ally to women and individuals from underrepresented groups whenever I witness inequities or bias.
  • Implement unconscious bias training for the Firm’s Board of Directors, Section Leaders and Industry Team Leaders.

Organizational Commitment

  • Expand our strategic focus on D&I to include all firm employees, including staff, and increasing awareness of all dimensions of diversity.
  • Provide a solid support system, including a mentor and a sponsor, for each associate and attorney on the cusp of promotion within the firm.
  • Celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of all of our attorneys and staff through monthly programming.
  • Achieve Mansfield Plus Certification every year.
  • Ensure that partner and associate compensation systems reward diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • Work with the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer to annually audit the compensation and promotion process to ensure equity for women and attorneys from underrepresented groups.
  • Collaborate with clients on thought leadership and programming to advance diversity and inclusion in the profession.
  • Continue our firm commitment to social justice through community engagement, education and monetary support.
  • Increase our firm by 50 attorneys and remain intentional in our efforts to recruit diverse talent.

Make a move,
join the movement.

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